Combining experience with fresh enthusiasm, international flair with local roots, we guarantee quality work and eat deadlines for breakfast .



Barnaby Bretton has been an Online Artist and VFX Supervisor for 16 years. Originally from New Zealand, he has worked around the world on commercials, feature films and as a trainer / demonstrator. He is known to many from his time as a trainer and demo artist at Autodesk Asia.

Barnaby has worked at companies including MPC, Oktobor, and Technicolor. Most recently, he was Director of Operations / Senior Online Artist at Spice Shop in Bangkok.



Robin Baker is a Canadian motion graphics designer, compositor, and 2D animator with 23 years experience. Robin began his career as a traditional paint & ink artist, and has worked in Canada and the U.S.A. at Lacewood, International Rocketship, Mercury Filmworks, Studio B, and Lizard Brain, in the Philippines at Topdraw Animation, and India at Crest.

Robin moved to Thailand in 2013 and has worked at Picture This, Finito, and Spice Shop, before co-founding MESHFX.



Before joining MESHFX, Jee was a post producer at The Spice Shop Bangkok.

Jee does not have a spreadsheet fetish and is not a confirmed font addict. Her energy and enthusiasm are, however, contagious.

Jee is fluent in English and Thai. She is not a karaoke fiend, and not MESHFX’s resident Negroni cocktail maker.